Feb 19, 2014

Solve this Problem on 'LinkedIn' if you are a genius?

Really, these posts are all over my LinkedIn news feed main wall.

Everyone wants to prove that he/she is truly a genius and wants to specifically be seen doing that on LinkedIn. Each of these posts get over 1000 comments. Being mostly some aptitude questions straight out of your CAT / GRE exam preparation books, they can hardly tell the geniuses from non geniuses.

What is becoming of LinkedIn? It started off as a great promise to revolutionize how recruitment is done and now people are finding themselves solving aptitude problems.

I actually don't mind these posts, but want to see more business related information like it used to be sometime back on LinkedIn. I already have a Facebook account for the aptitude questions with proper apps made up which even give me rankings and let me officially show off my IQ to people (who actually don't give a damn) and help boost my ego.

I am not saying that Linkedin has totally lost it. I really like the Pulse, my public profile, the Linkedin groups and forums, endorsements and jobs sections in LinkedIn, which gives enough for us to go and visit the website at least once a day. All I am saying is that this feature may be the first step in a somewhat different (and maybe wrong) direction.

An Appeal from my side to all the people at LinkedIn is to stop copying and being like Facebook, please remain the solid professional network you always were. We don't have friends on LinkedIn, we have Connections. This is the most important underlying concept that in my view makes LinkedIn different from any other social media network out there. Current scenario, though gives me an impression as to the core USP of LinkedIn is getting just a little diluted with more Facebook like features.


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