May 4, 2011

QR codes for Web and Mobile marketing

It all started in 1994 in Japan, when a subsidiary company of Toyota, Denso-Wave, started to use a specialized advanced bar code systems which could store much more data than a normal barcode could. They called it The Quick Response or the QR codes and the name has stuck since. No one would have then thought that this tool which was being used for a six sigma inventory management for Toyota could become one of the most powerful ones when the mobile revolution swept the earth.

A typical QR code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background, they are the next innovative thing to happen in mobile marketing. Anyone with access to the internet and a computer can easily generate a QR code. By scanning the codes, you can access images, websites and text. By creating the codes, you can produce your own messages. These messages can range from a single web address to a whole social media bouquette included in a single code. Don't believe me? - Check the QR code to see and read all my social media link on your mobile by just taking a picture of the same through one of the QR code decoder mobile apps.( Check for your mobile here:

QR code data capacity
Numeric code only Max. 7,089 characters
Alphanumeric Max. 4,296 characters
Binary (8 bits) Max. 2,953 bytes

Generating QR codes
All said and done, How do we generate these QR codes:
There are several sites which help genrating the QR codes, some of the BEST QR code generation sites arte listed below with their advantages over the others:

Marketing with QR codes: 

There are various effective ways of marketing with QR codeswhich can keep:

  1. A website url
  2. An advert text
  3. A Vcard
  4. A Vcalender event
  5. An SMS
  6. A GEO Location
  7. Social Network profiles
  8. Itunes app url
  9. A tweet for twitter
  10. Foursquare Venue
  11. RSS feed information and much more data in it. 

Some of the efficient and effective ways of marketing throught these can be:
 use the QR code to generate a free “offer” or coupon

• place it on your business card so someone can easily download all of your contact info into their cell phone
• direct customers to a you tube video
• link to a powerpoint presentation
• generate a QR code next to every product on your web site which could contain all the product details, the number to call and the URL

Or go wild with them and use it anywhere and everywhere in the world:
a few examples given below:
put them besides your linkedin profile pictures
Have them on your newspaper adverts
Make them visible as posters or neon signs on streets
Use them directly on your product's wraping paper
Include them in your sign board
Carry it on your t shirt
Make them a wallpaper for distribution

and to know more, you can check out this blog by Dan Smigrod

Search Engines and QR codes
If you add a QR code to your website, the search engines will see that your pages have changed, and that you are updating pages. The search engine will see a new image and index it accordingly. Putting an appropriate Alt tag to the image will be the best thing for now for search engines to index the QR code.  Eventually, the search engines will be able to recognize QR codes and index the content in them as well.

One thing is certain:  QR codes will certainly open the door for conversation and maybe even a potential sale.


  1. Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for the article. What do you think of NFC and visual recognition technologies?

    Could they replace QR codes?

  2. Wow!! some real interesting info..

    This will take marketing to a whole new level!!

    Thanks Saurabh

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