Dec 13, 2010

Google Zeitgeist 2010 - Global and India Perspective

Zeitgeist, a German word which in its essence means 'the spirit of the time' or 'the spirit of the age' has got a lot more added to its meaning with Google having adopted it as the title of its annual reports on what was the most searched query all over the internet. Google Zeitgeist 2010 was out on 9th of December and did not really have too many surprises in store. Google India Zeitgeist 2010, which came out just an hour ago, has some really interesting revelations.
While we will be looking at the Global and India trends, if you need to check out the trends for other countries you can find them here.

To understand the statistics, it is important to know how  the distinction between Most Popular and Fastest Rising/Falling has been made. Most Popular are ranked in terms of total search volumes for the present year. Fastest Rising/Falling were arrived at by comparing 2010 popular searches against how they did in 2009.

Google Zeitgeist 2010 - Global Fastest Rising Searches
All the curiosity around chatroulette - A Russia based website which randomly pairs strangers to have webcam based conversation made it the fastest growing search term while other social networking sites like twitter and facebook were ranked at number 8 and 10 respectively. Would chatroulette be the next revolution of sorts is yet to be seen though and a lot would depend on how best can it be used and marketed from now on.

In the fastest falling category, the list was as follows : swine flu, wamu, new moon, mininova, susan boyle, slumdog millionaire, circuit city, myspace layouts, michael jackson, national city bank. 
The only part here to be looked really seriously was the fact that myspace was actually loosing its sheen in comparison to other social networks which still come in the top 10 fastest growing keywords list. Myspace - This could be one last wake up call for you guys..

In the News category also saw one notable entrant - mobile technology (9th), giving us more than just a hint as to where the world is headed.  The full list looked like this : haiti, besiktas, chile, earthquake, lady gaga, iphone 4, jörg kachelmann, menowin, fröhlich, mobile technology, oil spill

As far as the list of fastest rising consumer electronics keywords is concerned, there were no surprises with Ipad and Iphone 4G dominating the search and majority of the top ten being directly or indirectly related to Mobile Phones. The list follows: ipad, iphone 4, nokia 5530, htc evo 4g, nokia n900, blackberry apps, duracell mygrid, 트위터, otterbox, pdanet (Google India) Zeitgeist 2010, released just a few hours earlier also gives us some mind blowing results. 
Just for example seeing the figure below, it is evident that Katrina Kaif, a famous hindi movie actress was more searched for, than the Indian Cricketing Icon Sachin Tendulkar.

In the same list, another major surprise was the actress - Aruna Shields, who debuted in a not so well known movie - Prince . The full list looked like this: aruna shields, sonakshi sinha, zarine khan, lalit modi, neha sharma, shakira, katrina kaif, sachin tendulkar, lady gaga, salman khan

In the list for the fastest rising Search queries, A big surprise was the entry of a local mobile brand - Micromax Mobile (2nd) which was seen much ahead of the more famous (?) counterparts like Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.  Dont know if Nokia is still breathing easy ??     It was good to see fifa as a search term emerging in the top ten, though it was strange that the commonwealth games, with both good and bad things attached, couldn't make it to the top ten. The full list: irctc login,micromax mobile, youtube videos, fifa, facebook, cricket live score, twitter, way2sms,samsung mobile, zedge

In the List of the Most Searched Movies, Kites topped the chart. This again a surprise, as the movie actually had landed flat on its face as far as the box office returns are concerned. The full list: kites, endhiran, dabangg, 3 idiots, harry potter, ravaan, veer, my name is khan, twilight, rajneeti

While covering all these sections, the only question that arose in my mind was what if google could rank the most popular of the scams in india :P , Well, for all those interested in knowing .. i have constructed this list using one of google's own tool - Check it out  . 


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